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Off-Grid Development

GSS and partners will commission a full operational Solar Mini Grid System for the generation and distribution of electricity in Africa.

We live up to our goal to converting rural and off grid areas into better economic centers and support medium scale business operators by providing them with energy for their own machinery (offering pre-financed machinery if necessary) and enables them to work during the day and late in the evening, hence promoting economic development (Government prospect) via the provision of energy: 24 hrs. – 365 days a year

Turning the power on for over 600 million people and provide off-grid solar solutions to meet the needs of underserved households.

GSS is to qualify people to manage their own sales shops. Our typical operator will come from the local community. Our programs will teach them how solar products work, how to maintain them and how to run and manage a sustainable business as a shop owner and how to participant as entrepreneur in our partnership.

Based on some excellent franchise expertise, our solar SOLAR CITI CENTER with Retail – and Workshops can be owned and managed by a village committee or a local entrepreneur or a business developer.

We provide support and continuously evaluate the local market regarding potentials for new products and events. We will expand in every corner of its country off-grid area to meet the community and find the right location for their energy center and business opportunity.

GLOBAL SOLAR SOLUTION – It is time for Africa