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Nearly 70% of the sub-Saharan African population does not have electricity. That is about 600 million people who are completely off-grid, often paying high prices in cash and health to use diesel generators, kerosene lamps and charcoal fires.

Over years, we have seen a wealth of stories about entrepreneurs who promise clever solutions to solve the lack of electricity in rural areas of Africa by implementing Containers as Solar-Retail Kiosks with focus on product selling rather than power supply to the homes of the public. It serves only one single use, to exploit the last Penny of the poor to sell small solar-energy systems, beverages and common groceries.

Our focus is on the effective development of Africa’s energy resources, and of the energy sector, which unlock huge gains across the economy. To unlock those markets is in our and your hands as responsible companies who are investing longsighted and harvest in the future.

But energy supply in rural areas of Africa is not the only problem for a dignifying life.
Access to water is not only the difference between life and death it is also the catalyst for sustainable change. Just one well in one village can be life changing. The result is a new generation of healthy and happy people. Each of our Solar Citi Centres provide access to clean water at no cost.

GLOBAL SOLAR SOLUTION – It is time for Africa