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Open Marketplaces
in Rural Areas of Africa

We implement Kiosks offered by reliable manufacturers aside our solar mini-grid, internet school, education and information pavilion shop to form Solar Galleria Citi Center

GSS enable communities to create their own sustainable business in rural areas of Africa and world-wide – especially where electricity grid connection is missing. We work closely with the state-owned electricity company and the Ministry of Energy to close the gap between “available and non-available (cost effective to cover area).

Our sustainable development of the rural areas with low or no access to energy and water supply is a key element of our African business strategy. Its success is based on solid share value strategies: supporting the role that the opportunity for small business entrepreneurs being able to play in generating economic growth and reducing poverty.

Alongside with the local public and our potential partners, we include available value chains from large enterprises, local businesses and rural farmers into our Citi Center outlets to drive inclusive job creation, growth, use of sustainable resources and educational responsibility for common wealth of all participants.

Every Village its own

We create an Open Marketplace.

The creation of a strategy and a social investment in off-grid areas will enable the improvement of quality of life of families living nearby or within village area to gain support from the Citi Centre with their Galleria of shops, offering access to vital important foodstuff (including farmers products), household articles, health and cosmetic products, solar lights and solar home systems (TV, Radio, Fan, Fridge), Rent a Bike, Workshops, and books and science to improve skills, training material for apprenticeship, access to internet.

To strengthen this kind of distribution network strategically, we have partners who support and encourage our effort to bring more vitality in the lives of millions of people in Africa.
Our goal is to launch a five -year-program this year 2018 and implement 40,000 Solar Citi Centres in locations around Africa to reach more than 10 million people with solar power energy and clean water.

An ambitious project with ambitious members and assistant of our company including senior expert executives supported by the administration of commercial cooperation and development with the aim to improve the commercial infrastructure and the quality of life of the communities.

Adult Education

School Expansion

A smile at Night

Clean Water

Family Life

GLOBAL SOLAR SOLUTION – It is time for Africa