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Let’s Plug in


Considering access to energy and water should be thought of as a basic human right, securing energy and water access to the 620 million people across Africa who does not currently have it is an urgent issue. To achieve this, we must look beyond the grid for future power solutions and availability of water supply. A growing population and increased economic traction means that energy and water demand is soaring; calling for a rapid increase of supply that should be met by all forms of renewable energy and water drilling.
It is GSS and their partners who are working on an initiative to deploy compact community centers that provide electricity, internet connections and drinking water in Africa.
We offer solar power and appliances to provide lights so kids can study after dark or even play soccer under the lights, internet connectivity to the world and solar home systems for TV, Radio, Fridges, Cooking Stoves, and more. Our pavilions have access to clean water for cooking, cleaning, washing as a healthy hygienic right for men-, women- and children kind.

We offer local enterprises to use our pavilions as supermarkets to sell basic groceries, beverages and household products, cleaning and medical appliances, solar torches and lamps, farmer’s products and school requisites. They offer other services, too, such as textiles, maintenance, hair dressing, charging cell phones and articles on loan.

Join us and plug in to provide a better life for the people in Africa living on the
Bottom of the Pyramid

GLOBAL SOLAR SOLUTION – It is time for Africa