Solar Mobile Revolution

The Mobile Solar STORE Revolution for Africa

Off-Grid Roadshow

Reaching every point in rural areas in Africa and provide off-grid regions with solar energy for handy and batteries, solar home systems for education and entertainment, bulbs and torches, fresh water, daily commercial and grocery supplies, cool drinks, medical, hygiene and cleaning products as well as the News of Today via TV Screen.

Eye-Catcher on the Market Place and in every Village Center:


  1. Cooling Counter with Eutectic Cooling
  2. Glass Partition
  3. LED Lightning
  4. Solar uninterruptible power supply via movable panels and high energy batteries
  5. Hygienic package according to DIN 10500 with hot water supply
  6. Four Wheel Drive with powerful petrol/diesel engine



What constitutes the perfect mobile sales vehicle? Simple: it’s the vehicle that’s just as you imagine it. Each one a Unicom – Select your type of vehicle you prefer – then choose your ideal equipment level according to your requirements. Value for money is guaranteed.

And coupling device for fresh water tanks (samples 4000 liters):

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